Hi, I bought a rake from you this spring for weed removal on Lamoka Lake and I just want you to know I used it with great success. In fact I only needed to use it a couple of times and I was weedless all summer. Grand kids loved swimming in a weedless environment. Thank you very much for a wonderful product and a weedless summer.

Mike & Cellia


Hi Bill,

Thanks for your helpful E-mail. I came from Rochester and had no trouble finding the store. I got a rake and it was a very welcome birthday present. People took turns raking during the party! And now we have a nice pile of sea weeds drying on the shore. the area around our dock is pretty much weed-free. The swimmers love it. . .

WS. Ithaca, N.Y.


Hi Bill...
By all means I will give a a testimonial. on what a great company and product you have...The yellow rake we are now using is perfect..and the extra handle on the old rake makes us have 2 so that both me and my hubby can work the shoreline together!..