Instructions for use:            

You can use the Seaweeder Rake from shore, boat, or right from the dock.

It can be used as a normal rake, drawn towards you dragging on the bottom -OR- for a farther reach you can gently throw the rake while hanging on to the included rope.  The rake is weighted so that the head sinks to the bottom while the wooden handle remains upright.  As the head contacts the bottom, slowly pull on the rope to engage and retrieve the weeds.  

You have to remove the weeds from the rake after retrieval.  To remove the weeds hold the rake up and give it a shake, so the weeds fall away from the rake teeth.  Then work your fingers along the teeth, removing the weeds by hand, from one side of the rake to the other.

It is best to keep a small area clean, rather than making the job a real chore.  Some people keep one side of their dock "weeded" for fishing and swimming and park their boats on the other side. 

When you get used to how to use the rake, the task can become relaxing.